Cordless impact wrench FSS 18V

The specialist for concrete screws

Advantages at a glance

  • The fischer cordless impact wrenches FSS 18V are compatible with all Cordless Alliance System (CAS) chargers and rechargeable batteries worldwide.
  • The 12 levels of regulation allow the torque of the cordless impact wrench FSS 18V 400 BL to be individually adapted to the application.
  • The brushless motor of the tangential impact wrench FSS18V 400 BL has an overheat protection that increases safety while reducing downtime and wear.
  • The fischer cordless impact wrenches FSS 18V guarantee low vibration despite an extremely high torque.
  • The additionally accessories supplied as sockets and checking gauges, enable ease of installation and checking for reusability of the concrete screws FBS II gvz.
  • The tools are delivered in the compatible L-Boxx, which can be connected by a click system.

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Advantages of the fischer ULTRACUT concrete screw

  • By using the cordless impact wrench FSS 18V 400 BL, the concrete screws with a diameter of 6 – 10 can be set with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. With the FSS 18V 600, the maximum torque for the installation of the concrete screws in diameters 10 – 14 is even up to 600 Nm.
  • Variable anchoring depths of the fischer concrete screw FBS II enable flexible adjustment to the loads.
  • The FUP checking gauge enables checking of the reusability of FBS II 8 - 14 gvz for temporary fixings.

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All services at a glance

fischer tool service

  1. Warranty on cordless impact wrenches for B2B customers 1 year, for B2C customers 2 years within Europe. For the battery packs there are generally 3 years.
  2. 8-year spare parts availability even after production is discontinued.
  3. Repairs and maintenance within max. 72 hours.
  4. Product & application consulting in the fischer Professional App.
  5. More online services at
  6. Fixed-price system for repairs.
  7. Free and professional disposal of old devices.

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Cordless Alliance System (CAS)

Discover cordless freedom – cross-manufacturer!

Cordless Alliance System (CAS) is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brands.

The advantages at a glance
  • The system ensures 100% of machines, battery packs and chargers combination between different manufacturers without any problems.
  • CAS uses the worlds most powerful battery pack system in the industry.
  • You achieve clear cost advantages through the multiple use of existing batteries from other CAS partners.
  • You can easily switch between CAS manufacturers without having to purchase a new battery.



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