The champion among bolt anchors. Powerful and flexible.

Your advantages at a glance

  • With the new ETA assessment for Option 1 the tension loads are increased up to 10% and the shear loads up to 17%. So fewer and smaller anchors are required.
  • Variable anchorage depths allow adaptation to loads with millimetre precision (M8-M16).
  • FAZ II 6: World's first bolt anchor with 6 mm drill diameter and ETA Option 1, for safe and approved anchoring.
  • Extended field of application: now with expert report for concrete classes C12/15 and C80/95.
  • The ETA (assessment) also covers the use of hollow drills and diamond drill bits.

Discover our new assortment

FAZ II. The champion among bolt anchors. Powerful & flexible.

The fischer FAZ II is the steel anchor for the highest demands - for heavy loads in cracked concrete.

The FAZ II can be used particularly flexibly thanks to its simple installation. The proven expansion clip feeds the loads into the concrete in an especially secure manner and ensures maximum load-bearing properties.

Quick and easy installation of bolt anchors.

The FA-ST II  Setting Tool enables quick and easy installation of bolt anchors and saves considerable installation time, especially during series installation. The protruding thread of the anchor is not damaged during driving in. Together with the FAZ II, this creates a fast team that enables fastenings for a wide range of applications that can be loaded immediately to the highest level.

To the bolt anchor setting tool FA-ST II

Product Highlights

  1. The distinctive edge holds the expansion clip in position even with reinforcement hits, thus ensuring safe installation.
  2. The interaction of cone and expansion clip significantly increases load-bearing capacity and makes minimum edge distance and axial spacing possible.
  3. With a choice of pre-assembled normal washer or large washer GS and with washer HBS in compliance with wood construction standard DIN 1052 (not pre-assembled).
  4. The protruding hammer-in pin protects the thread from damage during setting.

Versions with cap nut

The new versions with special, high cap nut (M10 and M12) are optimal for architecturally demanding applications and offer a visually attractive anchorage. In addition, the cap nut protects against injuries due to its closed shape.

The FAZ II is the only anchor with cap nut and ETA option 1!


Railing construction
Facade substructure construction
 Timber railing construction 
Pipe routes