fischer High performance anchor FH II

Strong, secure and aesthetic anchoring


  • The European Technical Assessment guarantees maximum safety and the best performance. These approvals even cover use in earthquake zones (seismic C1 and C2).
  • The anchor is designed with different head  styles for fixing points with aesthetic design.
  • The design between the bolt and the sleeve ensure high shear load-bearing capacity. Thus, fewer fixing points are required.
  • The unique geometry minimises the energy required for installation and thus allows for fast installation.
  • The use of hollow drills is included in the approval.

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Product highlights

  1. Controlled cone expansion guaranteeing safety in cracked concrete.
  2. The design between the bolt and the sleeve ensures high shear load-bearing capacity and fewer fixing points.
  3. The plastic sleeve prevents rotation of the anchor ensuring safe expansion.
  4. Unique FH II geometry for an ease of installation.
  5. Different head styles for different requirements


Hexagon head (Type S)

The low profile of the screw head ensures for a discreet fixing.

Countersunk head (Type SK)

The countersunk finished screw head allows for flush-mounted fixing.

Bolt version with nut and washers (Type B)

The practical fixing using washers and nuts allows for the ultimate removal of the attachment if required later.

Cap nut (Type H)

The protruding head for stable and robust fixings.

Internal thread (Type I)

The internal threaded anchor allows the removal of the attachment and the fixing point can be reused