fischer epoxy mortar FIS EM Plus

The powerful injection mortar for rebar connections and cracked concrete

Your advantages at a glance

  • NEW: The ETA assessment confirms a service life of 100 years, an external expert report even up to 120 years, and thus underlines the reliability and durability of FIS EM Plus.
  • The optimised formulation of the epoxy mortar FIS EM Plus leads to improved load values in cracked and non-cracked concrete.
  • The mortar can be used for rebar connections from diameter 8 to 40 mm.
  • With the threaded rod FIS A, the loads to be introduced can be designed variably by selecting the anchorage depth.
  • Temporary and detachable fixing points are possible with the internal threaded anchor RG M I.
  • FIS EM Plus is to be processed for use on site even at low temperatures down to
    -5 °C.
  • The mortar is approved for diamond-drilled and water-filled drill holes as well as seismic applications in performance categories C1, C2 and thus offers safety under extreme conditions.


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Compatible anchors and connectors

Your advantages of the anchor rod FIS A

  • The anchor rod FIS A is approved for use with FIS EM Plus in sizes M8 – M30 made of galvanised or stainless steel A4.
  • Variable anchorage depths allow for optimum adaptation to the respective application and load requirements.

To the anchor rod FIS A

Your advantages of the shear connector FCC-H

  • The FCC-H is a reinforcement bar with flange head for connecting a concrete cover to the existing concrete structure.
  • The concrete-concrete shear connector FCC-H is approved for building renovation, e. g. the renovation of bridges, the increase of load capacity of ceilings or to reinforce

To the shear connector FCC-H

Your advantages of the rebar anchor FRA

  • The rebar anchor FRA is a concrete steel bar with metric connection thread made of stainless steel in sizes M12 – M24.
  • The connection thread enables the transmission of very high tensile loads.
  • The fischer FRA is approved for subsequently mortared overlap joints, connection reinforcements, and needlings.

To the rebar anchor FRA

Your advantages of the internal threaded anchor RG M I

  • The internal threaded anchor RG MI is available in sizes M8 – M20 made of galvanized or stainless steel A4.
  • In combination with metric screws or threaded rods, RG MI can be used to create removable fixings.

To the internal threaded anchor RG M I


Rebar connections
Seismic applications
Water-filled drill holes