Gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100.

Quick and easy fastening in concrete and steel.

Advantages at a glance

  • The 100 joules power of the fischer gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100 ensures correct penetration into the working surface without any drilling and dust, even for steel to steel applications.
  • An easy nail depth adjustment switch allows to choose how to set the nails – flush or fully embedded for various applications.
  • The wide range of nails provides a perfect match for nearly all materials including concrete, solid bricks, sand-lime masonry walls and steel.
  • The quick release system enables a fast disassembling of the magazine and clearing of jammed nails.
  • Increase in productivity due to the powerful rechargeable battery with Li-Ion power that enables more than 8,000 fixings with one charge.*
  • With the battery-LED status, the remaining battery power and the status of the tool are displayed. This prevents a standstill at the construction site.
  • In case of running out of battery, a 10 minutes charge allows you to shoot at least another 300 nails. To fully charge the battery it takes 90 minutes.*
  • The FGC 100 is delivered in the practical XL-BOXX, which is fully compatible with the L-BOXX.

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*under standard conditions


  1. Easy nail push button facilitates the quick nail loading
  2. Interchangeable nose piece for extended applications.
  3. Easy nail depth adjustment to adapt for various applications.
  4. High performance gas fuel cell, which operates down to -15°C with more than 1,100 fixings per fuel cell.
  5. Powerful rechargeable battery with Lithium-Ion power and battery-LED status display for high productivity.
  6. Adjustable belt hook to right- and left-handed.
  7. Quick release system ensures a fast clearance of jammed nails.
  8. Different nails for a wide range of applications from which up to 26 nails fit into the standard magazine size or 50 nails into the extended version.
  9. Removable stand supports for optimised fixing.

How to clean the fischer gas tool FGC 100?

The FGC 100 has a long lifetime and durability with service intervals after every 20,000 fixings.* 

*under standard conditions

Tipps for Trouble shooting

What if you are not able to press the nose piece all the way?
What to do if the tool doesn't work? Exchange the fuel cell of the gas actuated fastening tool.
What if a nail got jammed?
What if the tool doesn‘t work but the fan is running?


All services at a glance.

  1. 2 years guarantee on new tools. If repairs are arising during this period, we will repair or replace your device free of charge.
  2. 5-year availability of spare parts even after production is discontinued.
  3. Repairs, maintenance and return within 72 hours.
  4. Our qualified staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about fischer products.
  5. Repair price limit: 50% of the original tool price.
  6. More online services
  7. Assistence with the disposal of old devices.


Electrical installations

For fixings of electrical connections e.g. conduits, pipes and electrical cables in all directions on floors, walls and ceilings

Electrical installations

The ability of fixings in fast frequency enables to get the work done quickly

Electrical installations

The available EWI-nose enables to pin on and hold electrical clips for an easy and comfortable installation

Electrical installations

The FGC 100 has a perfect balance for fixings on ceilings

Drywall tracks

For the fast and reliable fixing of drywall tracks

Drywall tracks

For fixings even in narrow areas

Light-duty building construction applications

The magnetic nose piece supplement for the FGC 100 enables installations by driving nails through washers in light-duty building construction applications

Composite decks

For temporary tacking of composite deck to steel beams

Insulation systems

The special EWI-nose for the FGC 100 enables fixings of insulation systems