fischer massive channel system FMS

Efficient fixing solution for heavy-duty installations

Your benefits at a glance

  • The clearly arranged product range of profiles and construction elements
    enables on-site assembly without prefabrication and thus considerably
    reduces costs and time.
  • The static software reliably and securely supports plannings and calculations
    of all types of constructions on basis of valid standards.
  • The construction with the fischer solid rail system FMS also generates a
    fixing basis for dynamic loads and makes the system universally applicable.
  • The massive profiles FMP as square hollow profiles reduce the weight
    compared to other conventional steel constructions and enable an easy
    handling on construction site.

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Product highlights

  1. Pre-positioned and push-through installation possible.
  2. All sides shaped holes for a secure, error-free and form-fitting installation of the construction elements.
  3. The unique hammer-head push connector allows easy modification of the construction and thus ensures fast design changes.
  4. The security nut FMSB MU 12 guarantees additional safety for dynamic loads.
  5. The flexible hammer-head push connector in combination with the solid construction elements allows easy adjustment during installation and makes the alignment of a pipeline route simple and quick.
  6. The special design of the hammer-head push connector allows simple retrofitting to existing structures.


Frame construction standing
Fastening rails to steel constructions
Fastening to the steel construction
Hanging frame construction
Supported structure with variableconnectors
Fastening to the steel structure
Fastening to the steel structure
Hanging bracket – construction with base profile on the ceiling