Hollow drill bit FHD

Hollow drill bit for drilling with low dust as well as for efficient and approved anchoring

Advantages at a glance

  • Drilling and drill hole cleaning in one single step saves the normal cleaning of chemical and mechanical anchoring when the hollow drill bit is regulated by their respective approvals. This saves up to 55% of the complete drill hole creation process.
  • The hollow drill bit FHD cleans the drill hole thoroughly guaranteeing a secure fixing (drilling dust reduces performance of fixing materials).
  • Reducing the drill dust prevents jamming when drilling therefore provides a faster and frictionless drilling progress.
  • Immediate extraction of drilling dust at the drill tip for a clean and healthy work place.


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Product Highlights

1. Drilling and drill hole cleaning in one single step saves a lot of time for the anchoring.
2. Immediate extraction of the drilling dust for a clean and healthy work place.
3. Suitable for SDS Plus and SDS Max.
4. Centering tip allows for accurate positioning on uneven surfaces reducing slip.
5. Precision ground tips of carbide metal boards for a fast drilling progress.
6. Wear marks on the drill head for easy identification of the wear limit according to PGM.

Time saving

In comparison to conventional hammer drill bits, the hollow drill bit enables a fast drilling progress due to the precision ground tips of carbide metal boards.

As illustrated in the graphic, additional time can be saved for the setting process since drill hole cleaning is no longer necessary. 

In case of the hollow drill bit, the drill dust is evacuated directly at the drilling tip due to the vacuum drill system and the hollow cylindrical shaft.

Furthermore, costs for the cleaning equipment like cleaning brush, blow-out pump or compressed-air cleaning tool will be omitted.


*Tested with drill bit Ø 24 and drill hole depth of 140 mm.

Building Materials

Concrete and reinforced concrete
Solid brick
Solid sand-lime brick
Natural stone


Subsequent rebar connections
Bridge railings
Manufacturing halls