Superbond dynamic FSB dyn

Dynamic fixation for FIS A and RG M with Superbond-System FSB

  • The system is the first to offer lightweight, dynamic load specifications in an ETA for fischer FIS A 8.8 and RG M threaded rods using the filling set. The ETA covers zinc-plated steel in sizes M12 and M16, and stainless steel R in sizes M12 to M24. FIS A threaded rods must be mounted with FIS SB injection mortar and RG M threaded rods must be mounted with RSB mortar capsules or FIS SB injection mortar.
  • Variable anchoring depth enables ideal adaption to the load and ensures optimised installation and material use.
  • The version with RG M threaded rods and RSB capsules is ideal for accessories kits or applications with diamond drill holes.
  • Approved threaded rods in stainless steel R can be used outdoors.

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