UltraCut FBS II 8-14

The high-performance concrete screw for absolute installation ease.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Up to three screw-in depths per diameter
  • No drill hole cleaning required:
      - for installation in ceilings or floors when using a hammer and diamond drill
      - when using a hollow drill with suction
  • Expansion pressure free anchoring with lowest possible axial- and edge spacing
  • Approval (ETA) covers single point anchoring in cracked concrete
  • Approval (DIBt) for multiple use of temporary anchoring e.g.  for formwork construction

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Product highlights

  1. The unique saw tooth geometry allows a fast cutting into the Mounting base also for multiple use.
  2. Thanks to the special thread geometry, the flanks cut themselves deep into the concrete and offer the highest loads. This saves costs, as fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are required.
  3. The approval-compliant adjustment of the concrete screw allows the screw to be used twice for a total of 20 mm, max. 10 mm underlay or to remove the Align the attachment part and then tighten the screw again.
  4. The UltraCut FBS II is available in two head versions: countersunk head and hexagon head. (with and without Torx drive).
  5. The under-head riffling prevents the screw from being unintentionally loosened and creates so more security.

Reusability for temporary anchoring of construction site equipment

The UltraCut FBS II Ø 8-14 can be used for temporary fixings due to official approvals (ETA) (e.g. installation of formwork construction). Therefore, the thread diameter has to be checked with a test sleeve before any further installations.

As long as the screw end doesn't poke out over the test sleeve, the FBS II can still be used.

Three screw-in depths

Using the example: FBS II 10x100 45/35/15 US

Tension load in dependency to the screw-in depth
= low load 4,29 kN and 45 mm useable length
= middle load 5,71 kN and 35 mm useable length
= high load 9,61 kN and 15 mm useable length

UltraCut FBS II R – powerful and optimal for outdoor applications and wet rooms

  • The specially hardened red tip guarantees a noticeably faster and safer installation.
  • The concrete screw made of stainless steel ensures a high corrosion protection and allows the application in wet rooms and outdoors.
  • The ETA approval covers applications in cracked concrete, as well as the seismic performance categories C1 and C2.
  • The concrete screw ULTRACUT FBS II R offers the possibility for use in masonry (solid construction material).

UltraCut FBS II CP – The high performance concrete screw for maximum installation ease with a special coating.

  • The innovative surface coating enables an additional corrosion protection (e.g. through external test reports for the salt spray chamber mist test over 2000 h).
  • With up to 3 embedment depths, the UltraCut FBS II allows for the same screw to be used for different component thicknesses.
  • The ETA approval covers the application in cracked concrete and the seismic performance categories C1 and C2.

Salt spray chamber mist test

The UltraCut FBS II was developed in different coatings subjected to the salt spray chamber mist test according to DIN EN ISO 9227. The result is that the ULTRACUT FBS II CP coating withstands at least 2000 h without red rust.
Climate change test (among other things based on Nord-test Method NT and Swedish Technical Approval)

The climate change test simulates a realistic environment with changing humidity and heat. Here too, the coating of the UltraCut FBS II CP performs significantly better than the usual coatings galvanised in zinc-plated (ZN-plated) and hot deep galvanised (HDG).

Good value for money: FBS II ZN-plated

Lasting and sale corrosion protection the dry indoor area. ETA-15/0352 (guarantees a lifetime of 50 year in indoor areas)

The long-lasting one: FBS II CP

Long-lasting coating in comparison with the FBS II ZN-plated (among other things with an external test report for the salt spray chamber mist test with the coating of 2000 h)

The extremely durable: FBS II R

Extremely long-lasting and weather-resistant material. The durable solution for (ETA 17/0740 guarantees 50 years in the exterior area).

UltraCut FBS II zinc-plated steel as concrete-concrete connector

Your advantages at a glance

  • ETA-approval for the fixing of FBS II as a top concrete or concrete-concrete connector for the strengthening of bridges or old buildings.
  • With up to 3 embedment depths, the UltraCut FBS II allows for the same screw to be used for different component thicknesses.
  • Due to the optional setting tool SC-ST the correct distance to the existing concrete can be easily reached and a ETA-conform, error-free installation of the FBS II is guaranteed.

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UltraCut FBS II 10 ZN-plated
Setting tool SC-ST
Bridge reinforcement
Parking garage reinforcement

UltraCut FBS II 10 ZN-plated with adjusting disc

Your advantages at a glance

  • Together with the adjusting disc and the fischer UltraCut FBS II 10 concrete screw wooden beams and wooden sleepers can be adjusted easily and quickly.
  • The adjustment process is simplified, so that the support of a second person is not required.
  • The adjusting disc is attached to the wooden beam using commonly available screws (recommendation: fischer Power-Fast FPF-PT 5x40, Art. no. 652880).
  • After the installation the space under the wood should be injected with mortar.

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UltraCut FBS II 10 ZN-plated
Adjusting washer FSW
Wooden wallboard
Sleepers/ inferior purlin

Applications for the UltraCut FBS II of galvanized steel

Railing anchorage
Base plate
Treshold anchorage
Beam anchorage
Angular bracket
Tunnel construction site
Pipe routes
Cable routes

Applications for UltraCut FBS II made of stainless steel R

Bracket plate
Canopy anchorage
Stadium seat anchorage