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When purchasing a new device of the type FSS 18V or FVC 35 M, you as the end customer receive a 1-year warranty and 3 years on your CAS battery pack from the respective fischer subsidiary, irrespective of your warranty rights against your seller.
When purchasing a new device of type FGC 100, you receive a 2-year guarantee.
If justified repairs are due during this period, the fischer subsidiary will repair or replace your device free of charge.


8/5 years spare parts availability

We guarantee an 8-year availability of spare parts even after production is discontinued (FSS 18V & FVC 35 M).

We guarantee a 5-year availability of spare parts even after production is discontinued (FGC 100).

72 hours repair service

Within 72 hours you will receive a working machine. 


Repair fixed price

As an end customer, you receive a comprehensive inspection and cleaning in addition to the repair. Another advantage: We work with a fixed price system for the cordless impact wrench FSS 18V and with cost estimates for the vacuum cleaner FVC 35M. Regarding the gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100 the repair price doesn't exceed 50% of the original tool price after the guarantee has expired.

Free disposal of old tools

At some point, even the most durable fischer machine has had its day.
In this case, we will be happy to take care of the proper disposal for you, if you own a device of the type FSS 18V or FVC 35 M. To do this, simply contact your dealer or your fischer contact person directly.
If you own a FGC 100, please contact your dealer or your fischer contact person for further information regarding the disposal.

Product & application consulting

Our qualified staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about fischer products.

Online Services

At you will find all  information about fischer services for our customers.

Handling of the fischer repair service

If our high-quality devices need to be repaired, we offer you a quick and easy repair service. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Pack

Pack the defective device safely for transport in a stable shipping carton or a fischer equipment case. Attach the hazardous goods number to the shipping carton […]
in accordance with UN 3481. Defective battery packs should not be shipped. For the fischer FGC 100, the gas cartridge and nails should also be removed before transport.

2. Transport preparation

Fill in the transport documents  and put them in the shipping carton of the device. Please contact your fischer contact person for the necessary documents or download them directly here.


3. Pick-up 

Pick-up is ordered by your fischer contact person or the fischer contact person picks up the goods from you. Parcel service providers should not be commissioned themselves, only after consultation and confirmation by your fischer contact person.




4. Return

After successful repair, the parcel service returns the repaired fischer electrical device max. within 72 hours after the fischer Service Center received the device.

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